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Gain a Global Edge with a global education at SIM
Preparing to work in today’s global landscape goes beyond an ordinary education. At SIM Global Education (SIM GE), an educational arm of the Singapore Institute of Management Group (SIM Group), students benefit from an international holistic learning experience in Singapore.

With a rich tradition of academic excellence fused with a global perspective, SIM GE offers over 80 full-time and part-time high-quality overseas academic programmes through partnerships with reputable international universities from Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Students develop a global edge having the ability and adaptability skills for employability anywhere.

Getting a quality education in Singapore
Singapore’s rich multicultural heritage, cosmopolitan community and vibrant economy make it an attractive education hub. For many students from around the region, it means an avenue to getting a quality overseas education in a safe and modern country that is close to home.

At SIM GE, there are many international student communities to help integrate new international students into studying and living in Singapore. For example, the SIM Indian Society aims to ease new students into their new lives as a student through engaging in regular activities and interactions.

Student-centric campus and vibrant student life
SIM GE’s campus is equipped with the latest technology and facilities to enhance students’ learning experience. The student-centric campus is enabled with high-speed wireless Internet access. Besides a comprehensive management library, there are also many indoor and outdoor study areas. Students’ leisure needs are also factored into the campus design. There are several campus eateries including a Starbucks & Subway outlet, a student lounge and gymnasium. New facilities like a performing arts theatre, sport halls and roof-top tennis courts, are also available.

Students’ experiences are also enriched with year-round activities from more than 70 student clubs. Through such activities, students gain exposure, build community bonds and networks that will benefit them later in life.

Sameeksha Asher from Chennai, India, is a graduate of SIM GE’s Diploma in Management Studies and the SIM-University of Birmingham Bachelor of Science (Honours) Business Management programme. She says that the most interesting aspect of co-curricular activities for her is the opportunity to make friends with students from many different Asian countries, learn their cultures and customs, and enjoy their company. “I now have friends from Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Myanmar,” she says.

“Studying in Singapore among congenial companions from different cultures has really broaden my perspective and provided me with a ‘global’ experience.”

SUNAYNA RANGARAJAN, a student from the SIM-University at Buffalo Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programme shares, “the programme enabled me to develop my critical thinking skills and express my thoughts openly. Also, I am really glad to have learnt a wide range of topics and interacted with people from all over the world. As a result, after graduation, I find myself more confident and with better team skills. I currently work as a Financial Analyst in Denver, Colorado. It is a great experience because I am exposed to different areas of finance such as corporate, commercial, investment etc. My long term career goal is to work in strategic consulting and I believe that my current job is a good first step towards my long term goals.”

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