UNSW Global

UNSW Global offers two extraordinary centres for excellence. UNSW Institute of Languages is Australia’s first university languages centre, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2016. UNSW Foundation Studies is the longest-running and leading pre-university foundation program in Australia, offering high quality university pathway programs to UNSW and other universities for over 25 years. UNSW Global is a part of UNSW Sydney and enjoys the facilities and community that only a world-leading university can provide.

Both the Institute of Languages and Foundation Studies help international students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds to meet the challenging academic entry standards of UNSW and to develop the study, language and cultural skills needed to succeed at university in Australia.

UNSW Institute of Languages offers a wide range of English courses suitable for many purposes. English classes include:

  • Academic English for University (UEEC,TOP)
  • Pre-Foundation English (FEEC)
  • Professional English (Career English, English for Law and English for Engineering and Science Technology)
  • Essential English
  • IELTS test preparation

UNSW Foundation Studies offers programs in varying durations including:

  • Standard Plus (12 months)
  • Standard (9 months)
  • Transition (4 months)

Courses are offered four areas of study that lead to a university undergraduate degree. Eight streams of study are available within the four broad subject options.